Memes Aren't News

Art by Lauren White


What (information) do you believe? Have you been duped (by misinformation)?

Prepared by Mike Slaven

Social media polling place hoaxes, misleading advertisements and suspicious text messages are all features of modern political campaigns.

Disinformation tactics can happen online, via text, phone, advertisements or snail mail in the following ways:

To quickly check the authenticity of information, check a fact-checking website like snopes or Rely on government websites that end in .gov, and nonpartisan voting sites such as vote411  or ballotready.

Voting umbrella

Art by Skylar Spence

Legal?  Maybe.  Dirty Tricks? Possibly, depending on your perspective. Problematic? Certainly.

Prepared by Mike Slaven

Examples of Confusing and Competing Information on Voter identification laws in West Virginia

Voter Removal and Registration Purges in West Virginia

Voter Vision
Memes aren't news
Vote with your dollar, ballot, and labor
Facebook and Russian Interference
Conversation shatters disinformation
Your vote doesn't matter (black and gray)
Vote Umbrella
Don't let propaganda silence you.
Concerns over foreign aggression
Texting Fraud
Ignore propaganda and seek truth
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