Moore Campaign Poster



Moore Campaign Poster


Much can be learned about Arch Alfred Moore from this U.S. Representative campaign poster. He was born in Moundsville, West Virginia, on April 16, 1923. He served and was wounded in combat during World War II. In 1954, Moore lost a very close congressional race to Democratic incumbent Bob Mollohan. This poster, from his successful congressional campaign in 1956 after Mollohan stepped down from his position, portrays all the positive aspects about why Arch Moore was a solid candidate for the office. This poster is unique in that there is no direct comparison to any other political poster of the 1950s. It is rather wordy, does not have a catchy slogan, and is sketched out instead of having an image of the candidate, as was common. Despite that, it offers a lot of information on the candidate, emphasizing Moore's loyalty to the nation and his state.


Moore, Arch A., Jr. (Arch Alfred), 1923-2015





Governor Arch A. Moore Jr. papers, West Virginia & Regional History Center

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