More of Moore '64



More of Moore '64


In 1962, Arch Moore's 1st Congressional district was merged with the 3rd District of longtime Democratic incumbent Cleveland M. Bailey; Moore won the seat by just 762 votes. He would go on to win re-election in 1964, the year in which this campaign banner was used. Although there is not much wording on this banner, it is comprised of two contrasting colors, black and yellow, and designed to catch peoples' eyes. The slogan, "More of Moore in '64" is an excellent use of rhyme and meter to make it memorable. Much like the famous slogan of President Eisenhower, "I like Ike," the catchy slogans tend to be the most memorable. The similarities between Eisenhower's slogan and Moore's slogan is not too surprising; Eisenhower was President when Moore ran his first successful campaign.


Moore, Arch A., Jr. (Arch Alfred), 1923-2015





Governor Arch A. Moore Jr. papers, West Virginia & Regional History Center

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