1964 Republican National Convention Program



1964 Republican National Convention Program


It was understood by leaders of the Republican Party that there would be some turbulence at the 1964 Convention, given that tensions were already running high amongst members. What they may not have guessed was that they would witness a dramatic shift in their party during this event as a newer, more radical group emerged to take the Party's mantle from the more centrist leadership of old.  The 1964 RNC program booklet is evidence of the push for party unity in that most RNC coordinators were preaching togetherness. Page 144-B contends "Republicans have their differences" with some calling themselves "liberals" and some "conservatives." The letters written by many RNC leaders throughout the program echo that call for unification despite the sometimes drastic differences in beliefs by Republicans across the U.S. at the time. This acknowledges the state of the party members and their divisions along issues like civil rights, taxes, and foreign aid that both the traditional party members and the new, more radical members debated over.


Republican National Convention (28th : 1964 : Daly City, Calif.)


July 13-16, 1964




Governor Arch A. Moore, Jr. Papers, West Virginia and Regional History Center

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