Alan Mollohan Campaign Button 2002



Alan Mollohan Campaign Button 2002


Campaign button from Alan Mollohan's 2002 campaign for U.S. House of Representatives. Mollohan ran unopposed in the general election.
Congressman Alan Mollohan was born in Fairmont, WV on May 14, 1943. He was first elected to the House in 1982. He defeated Democratic primary opponents and Republican John McCuskey. After defeating McCuskey, Mollohan did not usually face strong opponents in re-election bids. However, in 1992 he had to run against incumbent congressman Harley Staggers Jr. The West Virginia population dropped 8 percent. Therefore, the size of the state's House delegation dropped from 4 to 3 members. Mollohan won 13 of 19 counties in the new First District.

As part of the House Appropriations Committee, Mollohan was instrumental to the creation of the West Virginia High Technology Foundation, the Institute for Scientific Research, the Mid-Atlantic Aerospace Complex, and the Canaan Valley Institute.

Mollohan lost his bid for 15th consecutive term in the U.S. House of Representatives on May 11, 2010 to Michael Oliverio, who lost in the general election to Republican David McKinley. He now works for the law firm Nelson Mullens Riley & Scarborough, based in Huntington, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.


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