Cecil H. Underwood 1976 Campaign for Governor Bumper Sticker



Cecil H. Underwood 1976 Campaign for Governor Bumper Sticker


Cecil Harland Underwood was both the youngest and oldest elected governor in West Virginia's history, being elected at age 34 in 1956 and at age 75 in 1997. His life was a constant back-and-forth between running for public office and working in the public sector. Over his lifetime, Underwood ran in 13 different elections for various political offices including positions in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and Governor (some of which he won, some lost). In between many of these elections, Underwood worked as a professor at universities, he worked in various coal and chemical companies across the state, and was even a president of Betheny College for a time. In his last campaign for reelection as Governor in 2000, Underwood was defeated by Democratic Congressman Bob Wise and retired from the political sphere. In 1976, his third run for Governor, Underwood lost decisively to Democratic nominee Jay Rockefeller.


Underwood, Cecil H., 1922-2008




Political Campaigns and Elections Material, 1948-2002, West Virginia and Regional History Center



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